Ezrith/Ez/Erin • She/Her • 24

Hi I'm Ezrith! I create art in my free time and I have a strong interest in animation, films, and video games, and hope to someday have an artistic/creative career.I am the co-founder Doodlebug Publications, I am also a co-author and the illustrator of "I Don't Want To Share", a sharing education book for children and parents.I create art as a hobby and I'm open to commissions. Below are some rules on art I post and using my art.

◦ Can use for Profile Pics as long as credit is added
◦ Repost is okay as long as credit is added
◦ Fanart of my OCs is okay
✖ Please do not make NSFW art of my OCs
✖ Do not sell my art
✖ Do not trace my art or claim it as your own

Here are just a few of my works!

I have a lot of experience drawing traditionally too as it was my main medium up until I started drawing with a professional drawing tablet and software.For an expansive look at my artwork and projects, please click the button for my Artstation Portfolio below.


I currently take commissions for:

  • Twitch/Discord emotes - £7

  • Profile Pictures - £12

  • Full Body - Starting from £10

  • Torso - Starting from £7

  • Bust - Starting from £5

I will accept:

  • Original Characters

  • People

  • Animals

  • Characters

I won't accept:

  • NSFW / Inappropriate

  • Controversial characters

  • Controversial people

  • Rude customers

I am also experienced in:

  • Logos

  • Murals

  • Traditional Art

  • Comics

  • Cards

  • Posters

  • Video Editing

  • Graphic Design

  • Mascot/Character Creation


If I cannot take your commission or I can't complete it, I will communicate with you ASAP and issue my sincere apologies. Please note I may refuse a commission that are within these rules if I don't have enough time, the art requested is outside of my ability, or any other reason which I may not disclose for privacy reasons. I would hate to leave a customer disappointed with their art if it's rushed or looks bad!

The list I am experienced in varies in experience and I am willing to accept commissions depending on the difficulty of the project. I may face restrictions on software or experience when it comes to a few of the listed things. If you would like anything mentioned on the list though, do not hesitate to contact me through the form.

Commission Form

Payment will be taken when the commission is complete


I will reply to you as soon as I can!